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Winner of the Oregon Spirit Book Award

Cassie & Jasper To the Rescue has been named a Winner in the Middle Reader category of the Oregon Spirit Book Award for 2015 by the Oregon Council of Teachers of English.  The Oregon Spirit Book Award is given yearly to the author of a distinguished contribution to picture books, middle reader, young adult, graphic novels, or non-fiction literature (one winner per category) that engages and encourages readers’ imagination, discovery, and understanding, reflecting the spirit and values held by Oregonians. Oregon Spirit Book Awards

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Cassie & Jasper To the Rescue

Twelve-year-old Cassie doesn’t always do what she should, but she follows her heart. She finds school tedious, and her sass often gets her in trouble. Her passion is working the ranch with Pa, although Cassie is still raw from the passing of her mother two years before. Then Cassie’s friend Jasper takes her to see an older horse, Glory, that’s being starved and neglected by a cruel rancher. Intensely empathetic Cassie cannot resist her desire to save Glory: “All my life I’d felt like that, like an animal’s pain was my own.” They hatch a rescue plan, but as brave as their efforts are, they don’t pause to consider other options, which lands them in a very dangerous situation.

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Kidnapped Cattle

A Brand New Range Riders Book!

Cassie’s family’s ranch is struggling financially and the ranch will go under if the cows and calves aren’t brought down safely from high summer pastures before the weather turns cold. The stakes are high: if the cattle are lost, so is the ranch and their way of life. Cassie and Jasper head for the mountains to bring the cattle home. Trail riding, camping, and herding cows is nothing new for the seasoned ranch kids, but an early snowstorm, rustlers, and other dangers turn the weekend into a fight for survival for kids and cattle alike. It will take all of their courage, cowboy skills, and some horse-shoe-charm good luck to get them and the cattle home.
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Jasper and Willie: wildfire book

Jasper & Willie: Wildfire

Life on his family’s Central Oregon ranch is pretty good for shy, bookish Jasper, except for two problems. He longs for a dog of his own and he is a target for the school bully, Colton. For Jasper’s twelfth birthday he is allowed to choose a dog from the local shelter, and he feels an intense bond with Willie, an old dog whose blind eyes seem to see into Jasper’s heart. Jasper has faith in his new companion, Willie, even though he is nothing like Colton’s dog, the fastest agility racing dog in the county. At the County Fair that year, Colton’s little sister disappears from the fairgrounds as wildfires rage nearby. Will Jasper and Willie be able to help find the girl in time and prove Willie’s worth to the others?

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